¡Viva La Lana!


One day of June 21 , the new goddess venus born in the city of Lights, New York, who already make the world wondering ¿who she is? ¿ where she come from? and who already let us  petrified by her presence, style, voice but over all her beauty & music.

It’s look like she came from the Valley of the Dolls where Sharon Tate came.

I love her lyrics and her entire music, seriously im not the kind of people who is fan of everything but she worth it.

The First picture is a little collage that i made.

Happy Birthday to Lana del Rey! I LOVE YOU and quoting one of your songs goes like this…

“I don’t care what the say about you  because I know that it’s L.O.V.E. you make me happy, you make me happy and  I never listen to anyone”  so let them all say

¿ Lana can we go to play videogames ?



!Long Live Lana¡



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